Zinc coating

Zinc coating is the most popular galavinizing process that is used to protect products from ferrous metals against corrosion, for provision of decorative presentation and as additional protection before applying paint coating

Zinc coating peculiarities:

1) Zinc coating protects the steel from corrosion by electrochemical method to a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, at higher temperatures - mechanical.

2) To improve the corrosion resistance the products are additionaly coated with chrome passivation. Chrome coating positively affect their appearance.

3) Zinc coating perhaps the best of all coatings which is suitable for parts with carving, precise dimensions and ironwares. Due to the high scattering ability of electrolyte zinc coating is more even across the surface of products and fittings do not require additional processing.

4) During zinc coating the shape and dimensions of parts does not change, that sometimes possible with hot galvanizing.

5) High decorative properties and corrosion resistance immediately after coating without additional processing.