Decorative chrome coating

Chrome coating is one of the most popular types of galvanic coating. It is used for protection against corrosion, depreciation and decoration of surface products.

Zinc coating

Due to it’s properties and low price galvinizing is the most widly distributed electroplating process that is used to protect products from ferrous metals against corrosion and for provision of decorative presentation of surface.

Nickel coating

Nickel coatings have high corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties - hardness, strength. Nickel is one of the most important magnetic materials with minimal coefficient of thermal expansion.

Copper coating

Copper coatings have high adhesion, plasticity and high electrical conductivity. Copper coating is used as a final plating or as a layer for application of other galvanic coating.

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Quality of coating –is not only prestige of our company, but also the quality and credibility of your products.

Selection of coating

This section presents extracts from Standard 9.303-84 – coating selection advice.

Requirements for coating in automobile industry

Today it is very difficult to imagine the automotive industry without details of decorative coatings applied by galvanic method.

Model agreement

EN ISO 9227:2006

Korrosionsprüfungen in künstlichen Atmosphären – Salzsprühnebelprüfungen (ISO 9227:2006);

GOST 9.301-86

Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection.
Metal and non-metal inorganic coatings.
General requirements