Requirements for coating in automobile industry

One time these coatings were used for protection against corrosion of functional parts of car such as bumpers and wheel caps. Today decorative coatings are an integral part of the design of the car and emphasize the character of a model. If in 90 years cars have no practically elements with decorative surfaces, in the last 10 years the number of such elements in cars is growing constantly. These components you can see on the front of the car, and on the back, on the sides and even on the roof. Decorative elements are placed on prestigious class cars as well as on commercial models.

Car manufacturers from different regions of the world require the application of different systems of galvanic coatings. Galvanic lines must be optimized for a particular type of covering. Galvanic coatings are not able to unify the cover, as it contradicts the individual requirements of different car manufactures. The table shows the requirements of leading car manufacturers to decorative coatings applied to plastic parts of external use. These coating systems must meet its anticorrosive features in all regions of the world.