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How to make and order

For fast calculation of cost of coating, please indicate:

  • Your contacts;

  • Part description (what material the detailes are; indicate also the presence of welded or soldered joints, clinchers and fastenings from other materials);

  • Required coating, type of coating and it’s thickness (or code of coating according to GOST 9.306-85).Additional preliminary processing (finishing shot blasting, grinding, polishing, removing scale or paining) and final processing (passivation, polymer varnish saturation and packaging);

  • Attach file with drawings of details or photo with applied ruler;

  • Order size and deadlines.

The cost of coating depends on the geometry of the product, volume of parties, deadlines of fulfillment and are agreed for each product separately. If needed, you can deliver a test batch of parts to cover and specify a price on the site.

It is important to know. Coating and quality of the final product depends on the quality of preparation of the metal base. For best results and to avoid additional costs, please, see recommendations on the page "Surface requirements before coating".

Also you can get aquainted with term of delivery contract.