Nickel coating

Nickel coatings have high corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties - hardness, strength. Nickel is one of the most important magnetic materials with minimal coefficient of thermal expansion. These properties provide widespread use of nickel in many industries.

Nickel is used as a protective and decorative coatings to protect products against corrosion in atmospheric conditions and alkaline environments. In the air at ordinary temperatures a thin passive pellicle, which stops the process of further oxidation, is created on the nickel surface. The exterior appearance of the coating on the surface of a thin oxide film is not changed. Nickel coating has a small crystalline structure and perfectly submits for polishing. This nickel coating is widely used for final processing of products in different industries: in production of cars, bicycles, appliances, medical instruments and consumer goods.

Nickel coatings have high corrosion resistance, hardness and decorative unique characteristics.

The gloss of nickel coatings is similar to shine of chrome coatings.

The use of nickel as an independent coating

Decorative purposes.Nickel coatings have good luster and almost not darkle on the air. Surfaces maintain well in atmospheric conditions due to its high corrosion resistance. Very often decorative products, fencing, tools and equipmen are coated by nickel.
Technical purposes. To protect against corrosion of electrical contacts or mechanisms that operate in a wet environment.

As replacement of chrome. In many cases, there is a possibility to replace chrome coatings on nickel because of technological difficulties in applying chrome products with complicated geometry surface. If the coating properties and mode of application are selected correctly, the difference in resource coated products can be almost invisible.

Use of nickel in conjunction with other galvanic coating

Applying of multilayer protective and decorative coatings. As a rule, in combination with copper and chrome and other metals as the intermediate layer for improving gloss chrome coating.