Decorative chrome coating

Chrome coating is one of the most popular types of galvanic coating. It is used for protection against corrosion, depreciation and decoration of surface products.

Chrome coating has a high coefficient of light reflection that concedes only to silver, high chemical resistance and hardness. Therefore, decorative chrome coating, despite of the relatively high cost, is popular in all industries in fact.

Despite of the high chemical resistance of chrome coatings, they have high porosity and without a sublayer (additional layer of another metal, usually - nickel) do not provide reliable protection against corrosion of metal bases, because in galvanic pair ”iron-chromium” iron is an anode. This is often seen on corrosion decorative parts of cars and motorcycles: coating looks like laminated inside. This is due to the destruction of the metal under the coating.

Therefore, in cases when a product must have high wear resistance together with corrosion protection, chrome coating precipitate on the previously deposited layers of copper thickness of 10-30 microns and 10-15 microns of nickel. This three-layer coating can serve several decades. Chrome, which is coated on the surface of shiny copper and nickel coatings, despite of it’s small layer thickness, significantly increases their corrosion resistance and adds a shiny surface of products a noble appearance.