Copper coating

Copper coatings have high adhesion with different metals, plasticity and high electrical conductivity. Application of copper details depends on whether a copper coating is used as a final coating, whether it is a layer (substrate) for the application of other galvanic coating.

Copper coatings are applied to steel, aluminum and zinc parts.

Using of copper plating as an independent coating

Decorative purposes. Today antique copper products are very popular. Galvanic copper coating allows to apply copper coverings, which “become old” and look as if they were made long years ago after special treatment (blackening). Recent applied copper coating has bright pink color (shiny or matte, depending on the technology of application) that you can save using fade transparent varnish.

Galvanic plastic. Galvanic copper coating is used for the manufacture of metal copies of products of different shapes and dimensions. It is created a wax or plastic base, which is covered by conductive varnish and later copper layer. This copper coating technology is often used in the manufacture of souvenirs, jewelery, reliefs and templates.

Technical purposes. Copper coating has great value in electrical industry. Due to low price of copper coating, compared with silver or gold coating, it is often used for electrical tires, contacts, electrodes and other elements that are energized. Copper coating is often used as solder coating.

Using of copper plating in combination with other galvanic coating.

When applying multilayer protective and decorative coatings. As a rule, combined with nickel and chrome (three-layer protective and decorative coating) and other metals as the intermediate layer for improving adhesion to metal base and receiving more durable and shiny surfaces.

For the repair and restoration of products. Copper coating of metal is often used in restoration work to restore the chrome parts of cars or motorcycles. Herewith it is applied a large layer of copper (100-500 microns) or more, which closes the pores and defects in metal, polished and serves as a new base for applying of futher coatings.