About the Company

The main activity of Top Metal is providing of full range of services to protect and improve the surface of products using galvanic coating. More details of our services can be found in the section Services.

The company Top Metal was established on the production base of galvanic shop (“Konvejer” plant) in 2008. Within three years we have successfully restored and operates three lines of electroplating: galvanizing line on suspensions (2008), galvanizing line in drums (2009), multilayer decorative coating line (2010).We do not stop there. We strive to be a leader in electroplating and for this purpose we constantly improve the quality of our services and expand their range.

The company has laboratory wich is equipped by modern equipment. Qualified technologists and lab workers regularly conduct quality control of the finished product. Coating tested in accordance with state standards GOST 9.301-86, technological documentation, additional customer requirements, and in some cases tests in salt spray (accelerated corrosion test–standard GOST 9.308-85, DIN EN ISO 9227-2006). This permits providing reliable corrosion resistance coating and aesthetic look of the product, that increases the attractiveness of our Clients' products on the market.

We use chemicals and electrolytes of authoritative European companies, namely Metallchemie Ges.m.b.H Аliufinish  і  Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG.

Due to quality and reasonable prices, we remain the market leader and are constantly developing, introducing new types of coverage and expanding customer base outwards of the Western Ukraine.